Name a player from each side in the top 10 which no one can hate?

For me:

Arsenal - Cazorla

City - Toure

Chelsea - Schurrle

Liverpool - Gerrard

Spurs - Um, Vertonghen I guess

Everton - Pienaar

Man utd - Jones

Newcastle - Krul

Southampton - Lallana

Villa - Benteke


@Moyes is king, I know its obviously your opinion but a lot of Man utd fans hate Aguero and Arsenal fans hate RVP.

Update 2:

Replace Schurrle with Lampard on mine.

Update 3:

Don't you remember Agueroooooooooooooooooooooooooo? He single handily took the title away from Man utd.

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  • 7 years ago
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    Arsenal - Gibbs

    City - Toure (Doesn't matter who you support, class player and i enjoy watching him play)

    Chelsea - Torres (He makes people laugh with the misses he makes)

    Liverpool - Gerrard (Once we all forget the bad England performances)

    Spurs - Soldado (Hasn't been in the League long enough to be hated yet)

    Everton - Leighton Baines ( Best left back in the league imo. Never hated him myself)

    Man United - Zaha? (Hasn't played enough games to have the dagger in his back)

    Newcastle - Agree, Krul

    Southampton - Agree Lallana (Hope he goes to the world cup tbh, great player)

    Villa - Rat perhaps. Most strikers have a hater or two. So i'll go for a CB lol.


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  • EZIO
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    7 years ago

    Arsenal - Cazorla

    City - Toure

    Chelsea - Lampard

    Liverpool - Sturridge

    Spurs - Vertonghen

    Everton - Baines

    Man utd - Vidic

    Newcastle - Ameobi lol

    Southampton - Lambert

    Villa - Benteke

  • elvy
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    7 years ago

    Arsenal - Cazorla

    City - Aguero

    Chelsea - Mata

    Liverpool - Gerrard

    Spurs - Eriksen

    Everton - Baines

    United - Hernandez

    Newcastle - Krul

    Southampton - Lallana

    Villa - Delph

  • Fuzzy
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    7 years ago

    Arsenal - Wilshere

    City - Aguero

    Chelsea - Cahill (had to think REAL hard)

    Liverpool - G Johnson

    Spurs - Kyle Walker

    Everton - Baines

    Man Utd - RVP

    Newcastle - Cabaye

    Southampton - Lambert

    Villa - Gabby Agbonlahor

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  • 7 years ago

    Arsenal - Walcott

    City - Kompany

    Chelsea - Torres

    Liverpool - Gerrard

    Spurs - Erickson

    Everton - Barkley

    Man utd - Chicharito

    Newcastle - Krul

    Southampton - Snerderlin

    Villa - Benteke

    @Moyes is king not me mehn....i actually quite detest him

  • Arsenal - Bendtner

    Man City - Silva

    Chelsea - Mata (not signed yet lol)

    Liverpool - Allen lol

    Spurs - Lloris

    Everton - Baines

    Man United - Giggs

    Newcastle - Cabaye

    Southampton - Lambert

    Aston Villa - Agbonlahor

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Arsenal - The Goalkeeper (I cba spell his name)

    City - Sergio Aguero

    Chelsea - Nathan Ake

    Liverpool - Umm... Harry Wilson

    Spurs - Jan Vertonghen

    Everton - Ross Barkley

    Man United - RvP

    Newcastle - Cabaye

    Southampton - Luke Shaw

    Villa - Benteke

    Really? every United fan i know likes Aguero.

    Yeah how can I forget, but I still like him, he's a honest and down to Earth person and I've liked him since his La Liga days.

  • 7 years ago

    Arsenal- Mertesacker lol, he's a class person.

    City- I do like Kompany, he's really down to earth

    Chelsea- eh.... struggling here, I suppose Cech

    Liverpool- hate Gerrard too, so I'll saw Coutinho

    Spurs- Adeba.....nah I'm joking. Probably Eriksen

    Everton- Lukaku

    Man United-

    Newcastle- Gutierrez, although he's at Norwich on loan.

    Southampton- eh.... Boruc?

    Villa- yeah agreed.

  • 7 years ago

    Arsenal - BENDTNER (deserves at least one ballon D'or)

    Aston villa - agbonglanor

    Chelsea - Terry

    Everton - Hitzleberger (I know he has left but still)

    Liverpool - Suarez

    Man city - Nasri

    Man utd - Van Persie

    Newcastle - Remy

    Southampton - Dani Osvaldo

    Spurs - Adebayor

    Oh wait....

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