Ditto transformation question?

Okay, Ditto can only transform into any physical object it sees right? So whether it's a foe, by memory etc. What I want to know is if would be able to transform into anything it hasn't physically seen before, so say you wanted it to turn into a Mewtwo but it hasn't seen it before so it wouldn't be able to do it. And would a Ditto be able to transform into something if it saw a picture of it but never actually saw it face to face?

I see all these comments on Facebook saying if they could have any Pokemon in the world they would choose a Ditto so they could have them all, but I don't know how that would work. The only explanation would be to show it a photo and it transforms, but can they really do that?

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  • 7 years ago
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    I believe ditto would only be able to transform into something it's seen first-hand, and that pictures wouldn't work (because then it wouldn't know the scale and what the Pokemon looks like in 3D).

    There was a scene in the anime where Ash pointed to a book with a Dratini in it and said "Ditto, transform into this!" and the Ditto turned into the book. This might've just been Ditto playing around but it also have been serious since it didn't know how big Dratini was or what it looked like from the back/side.

    (Here are images from the scene from the anime:)



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