Which NFL teams that made the playoffs this year wont make it next year?

There is usually 4-6 that dont make it again.

This year it was the Ravens Vikings Falcons and Texans.

I say the Colts Chargers Saints and Packers wont make it.

The Texans Dolphins Falcons and Bears will be in the playoffs next year

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    7 years ago
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    Texans are gonna suck, Colts will dominate that division for a years, with Reggie Wayne they would've been Superbowl contenders, they will be with him. Chiefs won't make it next year, they had a great run early in the year but fell off at the end and I think that will continue into next year. NFC East is all jacked up; should be a battle of the quarterbacks. Definitely not putting a lock on the Eagles next year. If the Bears play to their full potential they should beat the Packers in the division, but I could see both making the playoffs. Panthers and Saints are a tossup. I liked the way Philip Rivers played this year; we'll see if the Chargers can beat out a team in the AFC north for a wildcard spot. Bengals might not be back if Andy Dalton continues to suck. No one can beat the Pats or Broncos. And I think 49ers win the division but Seahawks will challenge them, and keep an eye out for the Cardinals. Denver all the way though. Go Denver, coming from a Colts fan haha. And go Peyton!

    Source(s): And I think no question Denver will win this year, I really hope Peyton Manning makes Richard Sherman look like a fool haha
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    I quit reading the previous answer when both Seahawks and 49ers wouldn't make the playoffs... I would say both the saints and the panthers. The NFC south hasn't had a back-to-back division winner for a while. Keep in mind that the Falcons had multiple injuries including their best WR, OL, and LB. Also, add in the current talent in the rest of the NFC. I can guarantee at least one of those two will not be in. Eagles were 9-3 against their division plus I don't see many changes with the others, so they will prob make it. I agree with the Dolphins. Not too sure about the Texans. Reasoning?

    @no I didn't think about manning retiring. Good point...

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    Wont make it








    Will make it








    The Texans and Falcons will be back next year.

    The Dolphins and Ravens are just a couple of players away from being playoff teams they finished 8-8. I think the Cardinals and Rams take over the NFC West. If you noticed the Giants won the division in 2011 the Redskins won it in 2012 the Eagles won it in 2013 now its the Cowboys turn to win it in 2014.

  • 7 years ago

    Ill give my predictions


    Dolphins 38 OT Steelers 24

    Broncos 35 Chiefs 35

    Patriots 14

    Chiefs 13

    Chiefs 42 Patriots 56

    Colts 24 Dolphins 7


    Eagles 48

    49ers 3 Eagles 14

    Seahawks 70

    Buccaneers 12 Seahawks 35

    Vikings 10. Buccaneers 28

    Buccaneers 48

    Panthers 22

    Super Bowl

    Patriots 54 OT

    Seahawks 48

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  • 7 years ago

    Colts, Chiefs, Eagles and Saints

    Dolphins, Falcons, Bears and Rams

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    I don't think it's insane to say the Eagles have a good chance of missing out next year. 2014 will either be Nick Foles's assurance or denouncing as a franchise quarterback, and if Philadelphia's defense continues to be sub-par, Chip Kelly be exposed. Also, running backs who lead the league in carries one season usually follow with a down season, so don't expect equally strong production from Lesean McCoy.

    As for the AFC, Cincinnati will have a difficult time with a potentially reemerging Steelers team and a focused, wiser Baltimore team, especially one year removed from their loss of key veterans. Aside from that, Andy Dalton is on the hot seat, and while the stout defense should remain as such, Andy Dalton will have to win a sizable amount of close games, something he hasn't proven he can do yet.

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    7 years ago

    Im gonna go on a limb and say Denver wins Super Bowl, Manning retires. Denver does not make playoffs next year......and I will also say Seattle (free agency/salary cap issues)...and division is just too tough...they will beat the snot out of each other. Also knock the Panther out....they never give Cam Newton any weapons..the offense is stale. If Atlanta comes back, Carolina is out.

    I would go with Houston...but who is QB? If a rookie, then no way. Next year. Dallas? They are in dire straits for salary cap....by far worst in the league...and they just gave a 33 year old QB a 6 year deal $108 million...and he has had 2 back surgeries in the past 8 months. Witten can barely walk anymore. And the defense is awful. As an Eagles fan, it is a beautiful thing to see.

    So Im going with only 3....Denver, Seattle, Carolina out

    In: Pittsburgh, Atlanta, Arizona (I hate to say it..especially with Carson Palmer....but Arians can coach...and they beat some very good teams this season)

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    7 years ago

    Seahawks don't have cap problems/free agents until the year after next and they have big talent they let sit on IR. They will be there next year.

    I could see Bengals out. SD. GB and Eagles barely got there but who else comes out of the NFC East? Chiefs could be out too

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