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Dental Hygiene VS Paramedic?

Ill make this a simple list as I'm currently debating which is the better career for me, I felt I should come out here and ask people that are more informed about the two careers and or work as one of them because I am applying for both to colleges before Feb 1st.

1- I have seen tons and tons of different salaries for the area (Greater Toronto Area), so what are general salaries/ hourly wages between the two?

2- How does the future demand (2 years from now) for the two compare, which one would be considered "easier" to find a full time job. I'm guessing from my research probably Paramedic no?

3- Feel free to add any other comparisons, or information about the two that would interest me and anyone else who comes across this page.

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    Primary Care Paramedics with Toronto EMS start at $34/hr. However no one gets hired into TOEMS out of college. Because of the job climate and number of Paramedic programs in Ontario, there are way more PCPs out there than jobs. You usually have to leave Ontario and work elsewhere to gain experience for a few years before you can snag a position at TOEMS. Some of the other GTA services will hire out of college, but you'll be working casual with no guaranteed hours.

    I would go with Dental Hygiene. No nights. Full time work. Less stress.

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