Spoon balling fmj ammo? Have any of you done this?

I recently heard of this- You grind out a small part on the bullet that resembles a spoon. It makes the projectile unstable and it tumbles violent once it hits soft tissue.

Brass fetcher did this on some fmj 32 acp. The bullet dumped energy similar to a jhp but still retained penetration.

Update 2:

The purpose is to get a wound cavity similar to a jhp, and retain the penetration of a fmj with standard ball ammo. No need to buy the high dollar SD ammo.

Brass Fetcher did this with 32 acp. It seems to "add" potency to low power rounds. It would be useful for those who carry a 32 or 380. Probably not necessary with a 9mm and up?

Update 3:

I have not done this. I saw this on another forum and am questioning it.

Update 4:

The whole point to spoon balling is to cause the bullet to be very unstable and tumble violently -its not done for accuracy- the intent is to make the bullet tumble.

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  • august
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    6 years ago
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    Sounds like an awfully unwise way to modify a bullet.

    1) Unless you have the precision of a CNC machine, you will not take out the same amount twice- which means point of impact may be different between any two cartridges. Your accuracy will be affected.

    2) The aerodynamics of the cartridge will likewise be changed, possibly leading to even worse accuracy.

    3) You cannot "add" power to a low-power cartridge by modifying a bullet. You could use more powder if it's safe to do so, or perhaps a heavier bullet, but otherwise, the only way to get more power is to get a more powerful cartridge. No amount of jury-rigging will make a .32 ACP anything more than a .32 ACP. Laws of physics, and all that.

    4) As others have mentioned, if you ever had to use the bullet for defensive purposes, you could wind up in serious trouble, since modifying existing bullets is a good way to give a prosecuting attorney a case. I'd rather just spend an extra $20 on high-cost ammunition a few times. Cost-benefit analysis makes it seem that the potential benefit (more "capable" self-defense) does not outweigh the highest possible cost (1st Degree Murder charges, possibly including incarceration for 30+ years or even the death penalty).

    Just spend a few extra dollars and get self-defense ammunition, and use FMJ for target practice.

    EDIT: We get it. It isn't for accuracy. We understood that from minute one. Still, if you can't rely upon your handgun to be accurate, you cannot rely upon accurate shot placement to quickly end the threat. I'd rather take a regular FMJ that I know is going to hit where I aim than something that is an unknown quantity.

  • 6 years ago

    OOOOOooo, could cause some real litigation problems if these were used for personal defense. The most vicious production ammo, well, that can be excused, even denied any knowledge of how wicked it is. But, intentionally modifying a bullet for the purpose of maximizing destruction, I would not.

    Don't get me wrong I have done some things before, we will not discuss further, but, Higgy I would stay with the production ammo. Black Tallons are what I would use in a 9MM or your preferred caliber. Though you may not know what they are, or understand their purpose. Just saying. That is what I would be loading.

    Cutting, hollowing out, and ammo that goes boom, has been done for a long time, but, considering legalities, no way would I use it.

    Source(s): Higgy being a regular, don't get yourself in trouble. We enjoy your answers here. K ? I hope you never need your firearm for this purpose either. (Again, Just saying.)
  • 5 years ago

    The reason you can get by with using factory hollow point defensive ammo is simple: That's what the cops use. That makes it real hard for a DA to paint you as someone who just wanted to inflict pain. If they used FMJs we would likely be stuck with them too. The absolute safest ammo (from a legal standpoint) is whatever your local PD or state police use - but you are fairly safe with any factory ammo - as all of the people above have said.

  • Mr.357
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    6 years ago

    It sounds like old Brass Fetcher is a graduate of the Obama School of Physics. If it dumps the energy, there is obviously no energy left for penetration. Just at first guess, I would not believe it, but since it is on the internets, it has to be true.

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  • 4 years ago

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  • 6 years ago

    Yeah, the legalities are really bad. In court they would say you are trying to cause damage to your "victim". Stick with factory ammo for business purposes. Besides the new personal defense loads are probably more effective.

  • 4 years ago

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  • What would be the point?

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    Not only no but...

    Source(s): Becaue Physics
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