Michael Myers and Freddy Krueger vs Randal Oland and Mistelteinn the Sea of Trees?

In the real world, the fight will mainly be between Randal and Myers. Randal gets his pair of shears. For those of you who don't know Randal, he's a super soldier. When he turns on his lantern he goes into a trance where he loses all sense of pain and fear. His strength and durability almost matches Michael's as he is able to survive getting hit by (not the cannon) and even stop older tank models. His body is riddled in scars, he's been shot, stabbed, and so on. Using his shears he can even tear through metal. Note, he is frequently in and out of the hospital, something Michael doesn't ever seem to need.

In the dream world Randal is vulnerable to Freddy. So to back him up, he has Mistelteinn the Sea of Trees. For those of you who don't know Mistelteinn she is a dream demon who is known for killing other dream demons (she used to kill people too, but found forcing them to loose all willpower and ambition to be more fun). By planting her trees, she can slowly highjack any dream, including those created by other dream demons. She also shattered a sword used by another dream demon (with her finger), so Freddy's claw is probably toast. Plus she indirectly insulted Freddy: "Harm a child? Not even I would be that pathetic."----- Cough... Freddy... Cough Cough.


I don't get the joke... =o

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    Michael Myers is like "Yeah, baby! Yeah"

    Haha, cause he's like Mike Meyers aka Austin Powers! Hahah

    Btw, fun story I liked it

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