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Where to find cheap Canada Goose jacket in Toronto?

Hey guys I really wanna get a canada goose but they are so expansive. Im looking for replicas. I dont wanna buy online because i dont trust the websites. Does anyone know where can I find them in toronto or in the gta?

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    Because Canada Goose is headquartered and made in Toronto there are no fakes or replicas available anywhere in the GTA area. Any places that pop up selling fakes are immediately closed down. They have scouts throughout the GTA and beyond and any fakes are seized and destroyed. So you won't find cheap fakes in Toronto, the Golden Horseshoe area or anywhere in Ontario. If you can't afford Canada Goose why not go for Columbia Sportswear down-filled or The North Face or one of the other brands you can find at The Hudson Bay Company. I go through the Queen Street Store once a week and they've got a good selection of lots of warm down jackets.

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    Don't buy fake you will freeze to death and the "down" comes from caged in chickens (not geese) in China and the fur is from dogs/raccoons since they don't have coyotes there, and it's too expensive for them to buy real coyote fur.

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