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What is the best graphics card i could get for an hp pavilion a6502f?

That's the computer I have. I wanna know if there is a decent, cheap (<$100) graphics card i could get for it. I mostly play league of legends at around 25 fps atm. I'm looking for something that can hopefully run at least medium graphics at a solid 50 fps at all times. If you have any suggestions, that would be greatly appreciated, thanks. And sorry for being so specific, I don't wanna spend 600+ dollars on a new computer unless its necessary.


btw, I'm not the best with computers and stuff so try to make it as simple as possible, thanks.

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    hi matthew

    ive looked at the specifications for the hp pavilion a6502f ( ) and your pc uses a midi size case that will accommodate most entry level graphic cards

    however theres only a 300w psu so this does limit what card you can buy.... that said one decent card that will easily run "league of legends" at 50fps on medium is the "Radeon HD6670 1GB GDDR5 R2 VT"( ) .. now this is $20 over your budget,however this will ensure you can run your games at the detail you requested and cheaper card simply cant do that

    I could probally recommend a GTX650 from NVidia for around the same price,however that card requires a 450w psu and unless you also want to upgrade/replace your psu ( which im sure you don't ) then this isn't a option

    in regards to the HD6670 ive recommended this uses "gddr5" memory which results in higher memory clock speeds and memory bandwidth ..... and the specifications for this card include a capable 800mhz core clock and 1gb of gddr5 memory running at 4000mhz effective .... theres also 480 stream processors and a 128bit memory interface,and this results in a 64gb/sec memory bandwidth

    to put this in laymans terms theres enough power to cope with less demanding games ( such as league of legends ) at medium/high detail and more demanding games at low/medium detail .. and all these games are at 1440x900 resolution ....however if your running the games at a lower resolution ( such as 1024x768 ) then these details levels will be higher .... if there at higher resolutions ( 1920x1080) then the detail levels will be lower

    at the end of the day the Radeon HD6670 1GB GDDR5 R2 VT is a excellent budget card and popular among gamers due to its decent core and memory clocks..... just be sure you buy a "gddr5" version and not the "gddr3" version as this version has a lower memory clock which results in lower performance

    I hope this helps matthew ...any questions let me know

    good luck mate !

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    i'll make it simple for you...In the 100$ RANGE THE HANDS DOWN ONLY WAY TO GO IS THE ati 6770 HD

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    ur computer sucks just throw it out and buy a new one

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