Youtube background music?

I was wondering which background music youtubers use. People say its from but I checked and I didn't find the song!! There is more than one song but most you tubers like jennxpenn, andrea russett, O2L, beautybysiena. I'll link a video for the type of song I am asking for:

Youtube thumbnail

what is this song called? Where do youtubers get the music that sounds like this, there is more than one song.

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  • 7 years ago
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    First of all, here's a "working'' link to that video:

    Youtube thumbnail

    That's "Head Over Feeling'' by Taylor Mathews:

    Youtube thumbnail

    If you're asking about the other song that's running throughout the 1st video:

    Those types of music aren't actually 'songs', and don't always have a name.

    They are commonly referred to as either stock, generic, or corporate music,

    and are often written / produced by 'music house' companies for advertising

    agencies, corporate videos, as background music for TV programs and ads.

    It is a long-shot, but maybe you'll find that piece of music on a site like this:


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