Is The Sims 3 compatible with Windows 8?

I love The Sims 3 so much! I have bought a lot of the expansion packs, so costed a lot to buy them...however it doesn't work so well with my windows 8. No, I do not have problems with this laptop and I have a lot of memory on it. I know for sure it works for windows 7, but my windows 7 laptop doesn't work good right now. Every time I play the Sims, works for a little bit. Then it will say, Sims 3 stopped working. I have no idea why. Does anyone have answers to this? If so, please comment! I really want to play my game, and its annoying me. Thanks

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  • 6 years ago
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    Right click the icon. Go to properties. Go to compatibility. Tick the box that says 'Run this programme in compatibility mode for:' Choose Windows 7 from the list. Click apply and then ok.

    Then your sims 3 should be running fine.

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