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What percentage does Ebay and Paypal take from sales?

I sold something on their last year and I forget how much the percentage they took. Is it like 3 percent from Ebay and 1 percent for Paypal? Or is it much more then that?


Wow, thats ridiculous. Ebay is ripping off then. I think I remember it being about 9 or 6 percent for Ebay now that my memory is coming back to me. 12-14 percent is atrocious, and I'm about to cancel my sales. Thats ridiculous percent.

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  • Jim S
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    6 years ago
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    It's closer to 3 percent for PayPal and 12-14 percent for EBay.

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  • Alan
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    6 years ago

    PayPal is 2.9% plus 30 cents USD in the US. Canada can't be much different outside of the Canadian dollar vs. USD.

    The overall figure people often use as an average is 15%. Some items less, some items more - works out in the end.

    Yes, fast food can pay better than eBay. That is why eBay is a good "job" for the unemployed, stay at home mom/dad or baby boomers who have been run out of the job market,which is very common here in the US. If you live in a low cost area (low housing, low wages, low prices) you do much better overall.

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