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Chemical Engineering a Good Career?

I got accepted into a Chemical Engineering program at a University and now I'm considering if I truly want to go into it or not. After doing some research, I read that a lot of manufacturing plants are closing down and a lot of the others are becoming automated and in the next couple of years, chemical engineers will be out of a job. Is this true and if I graduate 5 years from now from Chemical Engineering, will I truly be unemployed? I live in Toronto, ON and I want to know if I can find some jobs here or if I would have to move somewhere like Alberta just to find one.

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    I don't know much about Canada, but the US Bureau of Labor Statistics projects the growth in chemical engineering employment to be much slower than that in software, biomedical, petroleum, civil, environmental, or nuclear engineering, and slightly slower than aerospace or mechanical engineering. But here's your "out" -- a start in a chemical engineering program should allow for a sideways move into petroleum or biomedical engineering (pharmaceutical focus), if you notice that persons graduating from the Chem Eng program are having a hard time finding employment.

    Maybe Ottawa has some agency comparable to US BLS. Check that out.

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