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Steam Radiator Hissing (video)?

The radiators in my apartment almost constantly make loud hissing noises. It's too hot in my apartment in the winter and I don't have any control over the heat so I just open a window. I'm trying to decide if I should move to a different apartment because of this:

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Is this normal?

Should I just complain and my landlord will likely fix it?

What should I do?

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    cool video. you need a cresent wrench. right under that stem, you need to tighten that nutclockwise. theres a packing material in there and that's suppose to stop that water from leaking, so, put your wrench on it, and turn slowly until the water stops coming out. that will fix that. the other side of the rad is where the pop off is, so once you stop the leak, then it will operate correctly. good luck, its easy!!

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  • 6 years ago

    Steam radiator valves shouldn't hiss if they are not leaking. The problem with it being too hot is that wherever the thermostat is located, it's cold, and so the heat keeps running until the temperature is right where the thermostat is. Everyone else on the upper levels, away from the door drafts and the thermostat, gets parboiled. My old church has a steam boiler, and by the time the downstairs where the thermostat is gets comfortable, the people in the upstairs rooms are opening windows.

    It might be worth trying to partially close down the valve to your radiators, so the steam can still come up but not full force.

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    You can control the heat by turning the valves down on the raditors.

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