How to check run capacitor?

I'm attempting to serve repair on my Refrigerator which I have discovered the Compressor will not start. My ambition is check its Capacitor but I'm not sure exactly how this is done. This is a Flat Capacitor which slides onto the Compressor Relay. Is it different testing these as oppose to the popular style Compressor Relays? How would I test this kind? I would appreciate any helpful response.

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  • 7 years ago
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    I have never seen a flat cap.

    Are you sure what you describe is not a PTC

    (Positive Temperature Coefficient Thermistor) serving as a start relay?

    (Add make and model number in additional details for a

    good answer.)

    As for testing a cap, check resistance with multimeter.

    It should begin low, and slowly climb to infinity; but this is

    not definitive because multi meters use a DC Voltage far

    below the cap's rating.

    The relay is far more likely to fail.

    To begin, unplug the machine until the compressor

    is cool. Observe compressor closely when plugging

    the machine in. If it restarts, it was overheated and

    requires condenser fan service and or condenser

    cleaning. If the compressor does not start but makes

    a single click after about 5 seconds, the thermal protector is good. To check the relay and cap, identify: start, run, and common terminals on

    the compressor. Remove original wiring. Using a plug and cord with bare ends attach a neutral to start and run. Using caution, touch line to the common terminal. Whether the compressor starts or not discontinue power after 2 seconds at most.

    If the compressor does not start it will not.

    If it does start, replace the cap, relay, and thermal


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