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signs someone is doing drugs?

My ex boyfriends mother has been calling me upset because he has been doing cocaine. (We dated for 10 straight years... I am 23)... He smokes pot daily and has used cocaine every once in a while. I guess lately he has been doing it everyday, I talked to him a while ago and he said it was the same (once in a while) 3 days ago I went up to their house (1 hour away) and he told me that he had been lying and was doing it a heck of a lot more than he should but hadn't done it in about 2hours weeks. I noticed when I was there he complained of a cold but only was blowing his nose and had a regular smokers cough and would sleep all day until 5pm and go to bed at 6am. I know for a fact he wasn't doing it while I was there but what are some not so obvious signs that hes doing it and really what can I do or sigbs that someone had done it days ago...We are not together anymore we havent been for months. I still love him, he was my first everything but really what do I do?

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    Sounds like he's already showing most of the obvious signs of drug use. Lying about how often he uses drugs is the first major tip off and the second was when you said what drug it was. Cocaine isnt a drug you can just take every once in a while. Most people doing it more than once or twice and they are hooked if he doesnt in any kind of regular basis its because he has to do it.

    The "cold" symptoms are another sign. He kept having to blow his nose because the cocaine has burned out the inside of his nostrils causing them to become irritated. Thats why he has the cough too the cocaine goes doen the throat after he inhales it.

    Signs of him just doing it would be sudden mood changes without any visible reason for them. Lack of reaction or over reaction to things that happen.

    Easiest way to see how much drugs he's been using short of a urine sample would be to get some fresh hair and have that tested. They can see exactly how long and how often he's been doing it for the entire life of that hair.

    the hardest part is going to convince him to stop. He's gonna use all the same excuses like he doesnt do it that much or he can stop anytime. Basically if he doesnt want to stop or realize that he needs to stop all you can do is try and say that you wont help him until he Seriously stops with all of the drugs and when he does you will be there no matter what.

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    Ya same as up there^^ when u use a drug, it sleeping patterns change, especially when heading stimulants ex(coke meth ecstasy and a million other things) and and also he's right , coke is something u can't use "every once in a while" it gives u energy and eventually u need it to feel any energy at all, and there's withdrawals and a million other things, cocaine, is the 2nd most addictive stimulant (next to meth) try looking up "the truth about cocaine" it gives facts and side effect and signs, but he needs to cut it out all. Im a ex drug addict who smoked everyday, and marijajna was addictive for me , so I can just imagine coke. I also used pcp shrooms ecstasy and LSD I stayed away from anything harder . And I also used pills like amphetamines for ADHD people

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