circuit diagram help?

Been in the hospital for 1 month and when I came back my teacher assigned me a project, only problem, It's due on feb 5 (this Wednesday) and I asked her if I could have more time because everyone else got 2 weeks for it and she said no,which is stupid because I was in the freaking hospital for god sakes. I'm VERY bad at science and I really need to raise my mark, if I don't do this project, I will get a zero and that will really screw my mark up,Long story short,

I need a circuit diagram with a "purpose". This is what the handout thing said:

Need to design and promote a function/invention, needs to have a purpose, can't just be a collection of circuits, resistors and loads. Either create a brochure or pamphlet etc. promoting your new invention. So basically I need an invention, just a simple one though. So yeah I need a really lame idea/invention, it doesn't have to be very good because like I said I suck at science so it needs to look like I did it..

All these things need to be present:

1. all components of a basic circuit

2. variable resistor

3. parallel and series circuits

4. energy conversions from chemical source (battery/cell)

-possible conversion of your loads

-mechanical movement of some type




and last but not least, I need a write up about energy conversions that are in my project, so just explanation. I understand, it sounds like alot but it;s really not, just get a lame idea, draw a circuit, and explain that's it, you may be wondering well if its so easy how come you aren't doing it, basically cause, I suck at science and don't know what I'm doing, and the small amount of time doesn't help me either so please help me out. I've never cheated like this so I feel bad but I don't really know what else to do, I have 3 days to hand this in which is worth 100 marks! :'( so please anyone that is good at science or knows what to do, help me out.

If you do help me, it has to be good but not amazing, so what would be considered a 65-75 mark. Thanks..


and if you need to email me, just email me at

Update 2:

I don't need help anymore :) I got more time to work on it

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    6 years ago
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    U can do a fire alarm-***-extinguisher, but modify it so that it looks like an invention. Take a semiconductor, a battery, 2 bulbs and a small fan and a candle.

    Connect it in the following way.

    Battery-semiconductor(acts as resistor)-bulbs in parallel- fan. U can also connect 1 bulb n 1 fan in parallel.

    Now, initially when u switch on the circuit, no current will flow through the bulbs n fan as da semiconductor is a good resistor. But, wen u bring da lighted candle near the semiconductor, with da increase in temperature, its resistance will decrease n current starts flowing in da circuit making da bulb glow(alarm) n da fan work(extinguisher) . U should know how to make a circuit diagram. U can also attach an ammeter or votmeter if u want n if its within ur budget.

    Hope u get it. :)

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  • 6 years ago

    For mechanical movement maybe you could use a 12v DC brushless fan to cool a hot component or something. You could make a circuit that would turn on LEDs for lighting by whistling or clapping your hands or something. Or different colored leds for different frequency of whistle or something. Or a circuit that would open a lock for 3s by whistling a tone maybe

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