How do I get in to Multimedia?

What classes in High School do I need to get in to Multimedia arts for college?

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  • 7 years ago
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    Because of its usefulness in today's technologically advanced society, multimedia arts is among the most popular fields of study for contemporary artists interested in animation, Web design and graphic arts. As multimedia becomes increasingly important to businesses, both from marketing and operational standpoints, opportunities in this field continue to grow.

    Multimedia arts can be an exciting field for creative individuals who are also tech savvy.

    u have to start from basic concept of color, font, image etc...

    u can find course details from online site:

  • Jeff
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    7 years ago

    You need to start doing your own learning and projects. Classes alone will not help you make it in this industry. The passionate and dedicated are the highly desirable. I personally did not complete college because I began designing when I was 15 and never stopped learning. When I reached college I already owned my own business doing logos and website design. The classes I attended focused on print design and I knew that was not my passion. So I left, and continued to do freelance until I was picked up by a Fortune 500 company and I've never looked back. I now design for iOS apps and web. It's a dream come true and I've even picked up a little programming.

    Work hard now and take it easy later. Always grow and always know that you never know everything.

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