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10 Points: Wrestling Trivia?

Here are a few trivia questions to see if you can answer them

1. Which current TNA Star (and former TNA world champion) has the distinction of being the longest reigning World Heavyweight Champion in Ring of Honor?

2. Which ACTIVE TNA wrestler is the only wrestler on the roster (that is ACTIVE, SO JEFF HARDY DON'T COUNT) THAT HAS HELD A MAJOR TITLE IN BOTH WWE AND TNA

3. Which current (and former TNA world champion) has the distinction of being the only man to have held the Ring of Honor World title (thus far) on more than once occasion?

4. Which current TNA Knockout used to date former WWE wrestler Gregory Helms?

5. Which current WWE wrestler has the distinction of having the third longest world title reign in Ring of Honor (this one should be easy) (no it's not CM Punk, his title reign was only 55 days, and was the second shortest reign in ROH next to Jamie Noble)

6. Cody Taylor is currently working the indie scene, which former WWE, TNA, AWA, and WCW wrestler is his father (hint, his dad's last name isn't Taylor, and he was a member of the Kliq, as well as the nWo)

7. Which WWF/WWE Hall of Famer had his own talk show (considered one of the best "talk shows" in pro wrestling history by many hardcore wrestling fans) on WWE TV during his hey day, and once beat up a jobber on his show and uttered the phrase “Just when you think you know all the answers, I change the questions!”?

8. Which current TNA Knockout once played in an all-women football league?

9. Which controversial former ECW "wrestler" (and I use that term loosely) once stabbed a wrestler for no-selling him * note I'm not saying ECW never had good wrestlers, but this guy was more known for hitting people with weapon more than doing actual wrestling moves

10. Which former WWE star is the father of Bo Dallas and Bray Wyatt

11. Sting was trained in part by a former WWE/WWF jobber named Billy Anderson...Which current SHIMMER wrestler is Billy's niece

12. The Ultimate Warrior was trained by the same guy who Trained Samoa Joe...which current WWE wrestler was also trained by the same man


SUMMER RAE is a WWE DIVA, not a TNA Knockout

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    1. Samoa Joe

    2. Kurt Angle

    3. Austin Aries

    4. Velvet Sky

    5. Daniel Bryan

    6. Scott Hall

    7. Roddy Piper

    8. Lei'd Tapa

    9. New Jack

    10. IRS

    11. Alissa Flash/Cheerleader Melissa

    12. John Cena

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    1. Samoa Joe

    2. Kurt Angle

    3. Austin Aries

    4. Velvet Sky

    5. Bryan Danielson (Daniel Bryan)

    6. Scott Hall

    7. Roddy Piper

    8. Summer Rae

    9. New Jack

    10. Mike Rotundo (IRS)

    11. Cheerleader Melissa

    12. John Cena

  • 7 years ago

    1-Davey Richards I think

    2-Kurt Angle

    3-Davey Richards

    4-Velvet Sky

    5-Daniel Bryan

    6-Scott Hall?

    7-Roddy Piper

    8-Lei'D Tapa

    9-New Jack

    10- Mike Rotunda

    11-No godamn idea

    12-don't know

  • 7 years ago

    7 is Roddy Piper and 9 is New Jack (that f*cker is nuts)

    I don't know sh*t else

    Oh, 6 is Scott Hall. Ok now I don't know sh*t else

    Source(s): dammit, should've known Kurt Angle. That was stupid
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