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i need help with my 3DS...?

i cant connect to my wifi but my ipod and my gf's cellphone can??

i can find my access point with full 3 bars i save the connection but after they tell me they will now test my connection i press OK and my 3DS fails to connect ton my ACESS POINT....

The details of the errors are....

- The Encryption Key may have been entered incorrectly. Check the setting in system settings => internet settings.

-There may be problems with the network or the environment To ensure an optimal connection environment, move closer to the access point and make sure that there are no obstructions between the system and the access point.

-The access point may have been configured incorrectly. Please refer to the instruction booklet that came with the access point.

Please take note that i am directly face to face with the 3DS and the rooter and that MY ipod IS LOGGED on the WIFI... and the phone of my gf with her mom is has well and her laptop is has well...

can anyone help me out? did anyone ever have this in there life im so done like how can a Ipod be connected but my 3DS can even get on the access point? and if i ever fix the access point problem and it CANT connect to the internet can anyone tell me why and how to fix this im sorry if its long but im really getting tired of not being able to log on the internet....


I FORGOT TO SAY FOR NERDY BADASS PPL THAT CAN FIX THIS THAT THE ERROR CODE IS 003-1101 for this probleme... any help would be very helpfull with has much details has possible thanks!

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    The easiest answer is: wrong password.

    If you are absolutely, positively sure you're entering the correct password, reset the access point (turn it off / unplug it from the wall, count to 10, power it back on). Then try again.

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