How do you go about joining the 75th Ranger Regiment from West Point?

Thank you all for your time beforehand I just have a few questions that I had difficulty finding clear answers towards. I have a brief idea of the answers but I don't know exactly.

Okay so basically I live in Canada... that means everyone I try to talk to about the U.S. in general ignores me and criticizes Americans. If everyone there doesn't really like Americans and the people that are not like that do not know anything about the military how in God's name do I find out answers to these kind of things excluding the Internet?

I really want to go to West Point because being able to serve my nation and receive a fantastic education literally was made for me. Being able to be apart of a machine that always wins is my dream. I have a relative clue to, but how in the world do I I go about getting a recommendation letter from congressmen and women, senators, etc?

I really want to be specialize as either an infantry officer or special forces officer, or maybe even a field artillery officer (I doubt they would let me do special forces because I can't really see them trusting a fresh practically brand new officer in doing such a demanding career.... not saying any of the rest are or are not) as I really have a great love for challenges which all of them are. Would they let me do special forces?

But then that brings me to my next question... Say I become a special forces officer (from what I gathered I think special forces are "green berets") would I ever be able to go to the 75th Ranger Regiment? I saw from various places that you cannot but I still have hope in my mind for that not being true. I want to serve in the 75th because I simply want to be the best I can for my country first and the best I can for myself second.

So say I don't become a special forces officer and I do infantry instead.... How many years would it take for me to get the shot at trying out for the Rangers which I think is called RASP? I also have gathered that you don't need to complete Ranger School but I want to because I want to because if I am trying out for something as prestigious as a special operations team, I will need all the possible training I can get.

I would ask how to get a chance at "the unit" (delta) or CAG or really whatever they are called but apparently they don't exist so either I have been lied to or......... I'm actually really confused about that and officers can't tryout according to other people. And holy cow, if the Rangers and other units are already ridiculously hard to get into then man...

Please if you can refer me to as many links, websites, programs, tv shows, movies, documentaries, books, anything that will let me understand how all of the military works in general.

Another thing, my Mother is not very keen on me joining the military because she wants me to be a doctor, brain surgeon, heart surgeon, that kind of thing but I'm not interested in money but I can't blame her she doesn't want me to die or anything like that, so any ideas to ease her mind? My Father is fine with it as he did a career that was similar in theory and he know the army instills many values. but you see... the idea of me being killed in action defending the lives of my fellow teammates in the name of the United States is actually pleasing for some really weird reason. Maybe I'm patriotic or maybe I'm crazy, hell I think I'm both of them but I doesn't really matter to me I want a career full of purpose.

I'm also really torn between being a pulmonologist and serving as an officer. I want the pulmonologist because I really want to be able to support a family and have a wonderful family and all that as well as help cure people with lung diseases but the officer career seems like my name, however small of a chance, could be in the history books forever or at least for a long period of time and that attracts me because I don't want to fade away from this world not remembered for anything I want to at least have the chance which is what counts in my books.

Thank you and God bless.

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    You need to be at least a promotable 1LT or a Captain, coming from a Combat branch with time as a platoon leader before you can try out for either SF or the Rangers. To go to SF you will have to have your Ranger Tab and pass SFAS. To go to the Rangers you will have to have your Ranger tab and pass RASP2. SF are above the Rangers so if you managed to be a SF Officer, going to the 75th would be taking a step backward.

    CAG/Delta does exist, although I am unsure of the requirements for officer volunteers. For enlisted you just have to be an E-4 and have a GT of 110.

    Source(s): US Army Scout
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    A few points in addition to Wraeth's great answer:

    - the reality is you are not getting into West Point; as an overseas American, with no ties to a Congressional member, you are just not going to score high enough to get a nomination - in other words: why should an elected official waste a nomination on someone who is not in his district or whose parents vote; the other routes to nomination also do not appear to be in your background either, i.e.: son of MoH recipient, etc

    - be brief - your missive above is about a thousand words too long

    - no one cares about what your parents think

    - stop using terms like "the unit" - all TV crap

    And lastly - listen to Wraeth's instructions.

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    What happened to being a fireman, a chef, a baker or a candlestick maker? Mom and dad nix those? Suggest you move out of the house, try living on your own for awhile, take a look at something that interests you at a JC and enroll just for fun, meet a girl, then write back in a year.

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    Earn a Ranger Tab

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