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It's Hard For Me to Gain Muscle. How Would I Gain Muscle?

I find it very hard for me to gain weight and/or muscle. I'm 17 years old, 6'1, and roughly 130 pounds. I am pretty skinny. What I've been trying to gain weight and muscle doesn't seem to be working at all for me. I usually lift weights three nights a week for an hour or so, and I eat much more protein than I usually do, but I can't seem to gain weight or muscle at all. Could anyone offer me any advice as to how I could get bigger? Thanks.

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    It's hard for everyone to gain muscle. If it was easy, everyone would do it! It seems that your #1 problem is that you're simply not eating enough food to gain weight. You need more than just protein, you need to be in a calorie surplus to gain weight and muscle. As an active teen, you're probably going to need over 3000 calories per day to gain weight.

    Although protein is essential to gain muscle, more is not always better, you don't need as much as you might think. At your current weight you don't need more than around 60-100 grams of protein per day, anything more will just be converted to glucose by your body and used for energy. High protein foods are also very satiating so if you don't have a big appetite, eating tons of protein is going to make it even more difficult to get the calories that you need. The majority of your food intake should be carbs.

    You also need to be doing the right things in the gym to stimulate growth in the first place. You should be following a...

    Source(s): (Continued)...proper strength training program written by an expert with a focus on heavy compound movements with a barbell like squat, deadlift, bench, rows and standing press. All other lifts are of secondary importance and probably optional. Focus on progression on these lifts, add weight when you can. If you're unable to add weight, add reps. Make sure you always use good form to avoid injury. If you're unsure about how to perform these exercises get someone to teach you or do some research, watch YouTube tutorials etc. Learning these lifts is important. I've never met anyone with an impressive physique who isn't also very strong and proficient in at least 3-4 of these lifts, there's a reason for that.
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    Stay away from high calorie shakes. Trust me, I've done my fair share of consuming those things, and even though you eventually pack on the pounds you end up looking soft and sloppy!

    You obviously have a high metabolism. The simple formula for gaining weight is Calorie Intake - Calories burned = Calories packed on. So start keeping a caloric count of what you eat and slowly up the amount until you start seeing the pounds add on.

    As an aside, a good NATURAL supplement to take while you're trying to gain weight is Garcinia Cambogia. It's advertised primarily to people trying to burn fat, but my personal trainer told me to add it to my diet and it really helps your muscle pop out :D

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    You are pretty skinny. What do you eat and what protein do you take? You can get weight gainer protein, this website has some good ones

    To gain muscle and get bigger at your height and at 130 pounds, you gotta get some more weight on you if you want to see results.

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    Learn your body type and research it as much as you can. You mentioned that you were tall and skinny which mean you have an Ectomorph body type. With a very high metabolism, hard gainer, tall and so on. People like you generally have to work hard in order to change your body.

    Source(s): Same as her use it has alot of good information and routines
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    Walnuts increase my leg girth especially the calves. try Alfalfa tonic in homoeopathy

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    ur way too skinny, gotta eat, and not just protein. fat and everythng, mostly carbs tho, 10 meals a day, guaranteed ull get fat

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