Which of the Final Fantasy games are worth playing? (7-10)?

I recently started playing Final Fantasy and I really like it. So far I've only played Final Fantasy IV DS (my first Final Fantasy) Final Fantasy XIII/-2, Final Fantasy X-2, and others like Final Fantasy Tactics.

I'm thinking of getting either the old Final Fantasy games from PS1 classics (Playstation Store via PS3) or Final Fantasy X/-2 Remastered.

I've heard that Final Fantasy 7-9 are really good, some of the best Final Fantasy games, I also heard that Final Fantasy X is really good too.

But if I were to get one which one should I get

Final Fantasy VII,VIII,IX or X?

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  • Swerv
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    7 years ago
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    Well which ones are "worth" playing is subjective, so we couldn't really tell you that. None are universally hated or anything like that if that's what you mean, but people still argue quite a bit about all of those even today. Anyways, as far as my opinion is concerned:

    FVII: My second favorite of the series (first being FFV) by a small margin, it's one I still really like to come back to. The environments are beautiful (although the character models are ugly blocky lego men), the materia system is fun and gives you quite a bit of freedom with how your characters will fight/grow, and the story is actually pretty interesting, especially if you go into it with all the theories in mind. Cloud isn't quite the emo everyone makes him out to be either. At the beginning he's more of a slightly cocky little d-bag, but emo he is not.

    FFVIII: Not as much to say about this one. The story wasn't quite as interesting to me, the GF system was a bit confusing, and the draw system was sort of weird. And Squall totally IS the emo everyone makes him out to be, at least earlier on. I honestly haven't gotten that far into it though, and I do know my brother really likes it, so maybe I just haven't given it enough of a chance.

    FFIX: Finally beat this one earlier this year actually. It's got a more whimsical/fantasy story than the last two which I honestly still liked, some pretty likable characters, and a fun albeit slightly slow paced battle system. You also don't get nearly as much customization over your characters. Still, that's not necessarily a bad thing, especially given it's more or less the same way it worked in FFIV, which you said you liked.

    FFX...I honestly didn't really like that one. A lot of other people do, but...eh. Again, I didn't give it that much of a chance though, so maybe I would've liked it had I stuck with it. I won't say much more about it I guess on account of not really knowing that much. The voice acting is pretty awful though, I can say that. Never even played X-2, although from what I've heard I may have liked it more. It brings the old job system back and I've always loved that one.

    So yeah, I dunno. I think VII would be a good place to start if you can get past the ugly character models. Or IX if you don't mind a slower pace. You should still try all of them at some point I think, they're more than different enough to make it worthwhile.

  • 7 years ago

    Ok, this is a loved question. Do you enjoy the gameplay, or the story. Clouds story in 7 is amazing, I'm not a big fan on gameplay. 8-9 have slightly better gameplay, some mechanics/etc, but I feel the story lacks on 8, and is slightly better on 9.

    X/X-2 are my favourite FF's out there, I love them dearly. I couldn't get into the hand helds that much, but 2-3 were pretty good.

  • Yuri
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    7 years ago

    Certain entries get flack for various reasons, but true opinions of the games vary quite a bit. It's hard to say which Final Fantasy games you would like specifically. There is so much to like about the various ones, and any dislike is going to be a personal thing, just like how I dislike FF12 because if its MMO feel, which doesn't interest me at all. It defeated the purpose of me playing a Final Fantasy games, but that aspect doesn't bother other people, and they went on to enjoy the whole game.

    I would recommend FF1-10, indefinitely. 11 and 14 are MMOs, and 12 wasn't to my liking, as I've mentioned. XIII and XIII-2 was really good, in my opinion, but for different reasons that the typical Final Fantasy game.

    FF1 and 2 are bundled on PSN under the title Final Fantasy Origins (originally remade for PS1), but the version I would recommend would be the GBA remake, called Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls. A little dated, but the improved graphics over the PS1 version is well worth it.

    FF3, I would recommend the DS version.

    FF5 and 6 is bundled under the title Anthology, but I would honestly recommend the GBA versions. Again, a bit dated, but definitely worth it.

    FFX is one of my all time favorites. It's definitely worth checking out. The battle system is a bit different than the others, using a CTB (conditional time battle) rather than the traditional ATB (active time battle), which means all players and enemies literally take turns according to built in states. Some people find it boring, but other like myself appreciate the strategical process of the game.

    FF7 is practically legendary for good and bad reasons. It's loved because it's awesome, but hated because it's loved (as a cliche to like it, or something like that). It's a great game, but time hasn't been kind to it. The graphics haven't aged well, and is a bit rough to play. If you can get past the cluttered polygonal mesh, then you will love the game without a doubt. The special scenes aren't to shabby, and help you learn how to mentally distinguish looks. If you are to play FF7, I would recommend playing a pre-FF7 game before it so the transition will look more improved.

    FF8 and FF9 are fun, but almost opposites to each other.

    FF8 is more of a real life style world; with armies, prisons, machine guns, and mercenaries, but with a twist of magic, summonings and a badass sorceress.

    FF9 is more fantasy-like, and is tough to describe. It's serious, but lighthearted at the same time. The designs are more anime-ish, too, unlike FF8 which is proportionally realistic.

    It's all up to you. It would be hard to say which you would like more. I would recommend looking them up a little bit, the actual in-game pictures and things, to get an idea of them. If the graphics aren't a problem, I would highly recommend FF7, but if it is, then FF8 or FF9, depending on the type of world you'd prefer, may be a better choice at first.

  • 7 years ago

    Final Fantasy 10 is my personal favorite, though 10-2 is a close second. Honestly I wasn't that I loved 9 and 7 was amazing. Also 12 and 13 are definitely worth playing.

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  • 7 years ago

    Why would you play x-2, before X? Lol. Anyway. X is my favorite one. I really liked the story and the battle system. But wait for the HD remaster

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    You should get them all!

    You can become a true fanboy!

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