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Is the purpose of the IRS to collect money for the government?

Or is supposed to be used to control people who don't agree with Obama's politics?

Among the many Obama Administration scandals the mainstream media have chosen to ignore, the IRS targeting of conservative nonprofit groups is not only still an active investigation but a widening one.

Evidence is still mounting that the Administration has not been forthcoming in complying with congressional requests for information or in what it has told the public.

This week, the House Ways and Means Committee has released an email that indicates former IRS official Lois Lerner and the Treasury Department conspired to rewrite rules for nonprofits so as to hamper conservative groups and keep the changes out of the public view.

According to the Daily Caller, the email shows Lerner and the Treasury devised the rules changes "off-plan," meaning they would not be published publicly.

Despite what the White House has implied, the changes were not devised to "clarify" rules after the IRS scandal broke but in 2012, while the IRS was actively targeting Tea Party and other conservative organizations with intrusive questionnaires and procedural roadblocks to their requests for 501(c)4 nonprofit status.

The changes would have classified as political activities even nonpartisan efforts by groups to organize and educate the public, such as voter registration drives, candidates forums and issue information pamphlets. The IRS is accused of applying such restrictions to conservatives, while liberal groups have gotten away with openly ignoring the rules and still sailed through the application process.


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    Well if what you claim is true then the hearings would bear that out. So far they have not. So to me, it appears to be merely right wing speculation at best.

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