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what type of huskies are these?

couple of years ago I read a news article about dog sledding and there were pictures of these "sport" type huskies. And they said they were not regular show huskies. These looked nothing like the huskies I have seen before. They were more muscular and stockier and bigger and their colors were totally different like one had a completely black face and he had some weird bloodline name too. Another was full white and one had a cream patch and another had a black face mask and one had a spot/patch eye (fur mark not a real one). And they were not mixes cause I know they uses mixes for dog sledding which look different. And I think they said "siberian" but they weren't the regular pet/ show type people know as they are really aggressive, energetic and cannot live indoors. They also looked like malamutes, greenland dogs and inuit dogs (you get the picture) also akita. But were not them and were not mixed with them. this is an accurate news source


this is what one of them looked like

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