Why can't I view someone's twitter feed on my android phone?

It's a clean phone, only standard apps. Here's what happens: If I try to view anyone's twitter, it loads up the mobile version of the webpage and I can see their tweets - only for a moment - and then the twitter error page "oops, this user does not exist" shows up instead, and it wants me to sign into twitter, or sign up for it. I wish to do neither.

From the computer, I can freely view anyone's twitter feed (that's public) without a twitter account. Why isn't my phone cooperating?

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    7 years ago
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    twitter for android is designed in a way in which doesnt allow non members to have access to the people info.. unlike twitter for desktop....

    what i can suggest u is... just type http://twitter.com/USERNAME in your browser instead of a mobile app... simple as that..

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