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Should I get him a Valentine's Day gift?

I've been seeing this guy for about a month and a half. We've been taking things fairly slow, he hasn't even kissed me yet, and we're not an official couple. He's taking me out on Monday for an early Valentine's Day dinner, since he's not going to be here on the actual day; he's going to Florida for a week with his family and that's when they're leaving. Anyways, since we've been dating, he usually treats. We went dutch once, and I treated him once. He's already said he'll cover dinner, but I'm not sure if he's actually planning to get me anything (he might, I dunno), and I was wondering, would it be weird if I gave him something for Valentine's Day? I was thinking I could make chocolate chip cookies. A friend said I should write "Happy Valentine's Day" on them in frosting or something, but that might be kind of weird, since we really haven't been dating long. Because we've been taking things fairly slow, I don't want to get him anything big, so what do you guys think? Would the home-made cookies be a good idea? Should I get him anything at all? Opinions please?

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    Cookies sound like a wonderful idea! I think the icing idea is kind of cheesy though. Maybe find a pretty heart shaped box to put them in from Hobby Lobby or something? That would be sweet!

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