Macbook Pro 13 (Non Retina) HDD vs SSD?

I need a new laptop for school and finally settled on the Macbook Pro 13 (non retina) base model. I don't need all the bells and whistles for what I'll be doing, so this seems perfect. The only thing I'm just realizing is the difference between the HDD and SSD.

Everything that I'm reading makes HDDs out to be unreliable and slow compared to SSDs (which could be true, I guess), but as a student would there really be much of a difference? It seems like a large price tag for less storage when I could just upgrade later when I have the money (if I'm not mistaken).

Are SSDs really worth it?

If you move a laptop with a HDD while it's on will it damage it? I read that somewhere, but it doesn't make much sense since laptops are made to be portable..

Thanks in advance!


I should say that I will be mostly using my computer for note taking in class, writing papers, powerpoints, some video editing, storing photos, downloading music and web surfing. I'm talking basics here.

Would the speed increase really show that much with these things?

My biggest concern is cash (and I don't want whichever I choose failing on me..

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    7 years ago
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    SSD is ≈ 2.5x faster than HDD with boot time, speed. IT will be significantly faster. As for reliability, that's questionable. SSDs do fail if not maintained and if overused. You need to defrag the drive once a month and have Trimm enabled. SEE the links I provided.

    NOTE: Never defrag an SSD drive unless the software you are using to defrag it is specifically designed for SSD. There are very complex algorithms used to defrag SSD.

  • 7 years ago

    The Macbook Pro has technology to park the heads of the HDD is their is sudden movement (called the sudden movement sensor SMS). I upgraded my Macbook Pro to an SSD. I will never go back. It is much faster. If you are on a tight budget, you could get a smaller SSD like a 120GB. I have a 256GB.

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