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how do i install mods for minecraft 1.4.7 on windows 8?

I recently downloaded minecraft on my pc for windows 8 and I have no idea how to install mods for minecraft. I have win rar because I already know I need that. can someone give me step by step instructions on how to install mods please

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    The thing you want is forge. Forge is a great mod thingy that does all the work.

    go there to install forge. just click skip ad in the top right. that installs forge for 1.7.2

    If you want just do it from their website go here

    and find your version. :D

    If you open it you will see something like this (don't change anything):

    install client

    install server


    some file

    so you'll just use the install client button.

    to get a mod just get your mod

    heres a more swords mod just skip again

    so now that you have a mod open file explorer and search ".minecraft" WITH A DOT

    this is the files for minecraft.

    then create a folder called mods. open it, and drag your mod from your browser into there.

    then open forge and click okay.

    if it says to run minecraft run minecraft and log in and quit the click ok on forge.

    If it is not working and forge says to play minecraft, create a new portfolio (bottom left) and where it says

    version select 1.7.2. then play minecraft and click okay and it will say installing libraries or something like that. when its done close minecraft and open it again then click portfolios.

    you will see a portfolio called Forge. click this and play and your mod will work!

    sorry it is so long. I have lots of experience minecraft but it still took me a while to get it working.

    windows 8 is very fidgety.

    there you go! Have fun!

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