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International licence in Mexico?

Most of my family lives In Mexico so I visit there quite often. I've been meaning to get my licence there so I can start driving there to make things a lot easier, but was also wondering if that licence would work when I come back to canada.

1. Do I need to be a Mexican citizen to get an international licence in Mexico?

2. I've heard international licences are only valid for six months, is that true?

3. Do I need to be 18?

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    You can drive in Mexico with your valid Canadian problem at all with that. You CANNOT get a drivers license in Mexico unless you can prove you have a residence there and have a residence visa to show them. If you are there with a 6 month tourist card, you cannot get a license. Licenses are issued to foreigners for only 6 months at a time unless you have permanent residency and the card to prove it. Rules for licenses are different in different states of Mexico, but believe the laws for foreigners are national. I am an American living in Mexico and this is the info I have experienced at the local transito office in Veracruz where drivers licenses are issued.

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