No Option to Move Apps To SD Card?

I'm starting to use Samsung Galaxy Discover which run on Android 4.0.4

I downloaded the "Apps2SD" app so I can transfer apps to my SD Card. When I select valid App that can be moved to a sd card, there's no option for the app to "move to sd card". I even tried doing this manually by going to Settings>Apps>Facebook. There's no option for moving the app to a sd card...

For some reason the phone didn't include file manager app so I had to download one. I see my files in the SD card so I know my 2GB SD card is connected properly.

I believe I have the same problem as this guy here:



Yes, I know that.

Also App2SD works on my other Android phone with version 2.2, so I think my version is fine

I need to root my device to use FolderMount... and I don't want to root it.

I'll try to find another app to move apps to SD.

Update 2:

I just found out there's no solution for this for new versions of Android. So, I guess I can't transfer my apps to my SD card. (maybe it does work if I root my device, but I don't want to.)

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    "apps2sd" does not actually move apps to the external SD card but moves them to an internal storage called "sd" which is part of the regular internal storage. I'm pretty sure you need android 4.2 or higher for it to work anyway, which it doesn't.

    What you need is an app called "FolderMount" which fools the system into thinking the apps are in the normal place by putting shortcuts there and actually moving the files to the external memory card. You may need ROOT access for this, can't remember. Search for foldermount on for more complete info.

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