1. Where do beetles live?

2. What friends do beetles hang out with?

3. What are a beetles enemies

4. What do beetles eat?

5. And what do they do from day to night?


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  • 7 years ago
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    1. Most temperate and tropical places.

    2. Beetles do not have friends that they "hand out" with. They are going about their business, all the time.

    3. For all beetles, insectivores, whether bird, reptile, insect or mammal, are their enemies.

    4. There are many different kinds of beetles. Some eat plants, some prey on other insects. So what they eat, specifically, depends on what kind they are, and where on the planet they live

    5. Again depends on the beetle. But all of them are concerned with either eating or mating most of the time. My personal favorite beetles as fireflies. In June, just after dark, they flash their lights to attract a mate. And it's a fabulous sight!

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    The Beetles that are still alive and live in England and Monaco respectively. They hang out with people of similar status i imagine and other musicians. Paul had a problem with John at one point it seems. Beetles eat the same food we eat. I dont know what they do from day to night and Im worried y u want to know. Dont be a stalker.

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