when i save a game does it write to my ssd?

Hi, i am about to download the witcher 2, and i realise that i will constantly be making saves, i want to download this on my ssd for some fast load time, but will these saves cause me to be writing alot to my ssd? i have 0 writes so far on my samsung evo since i havent used it, but i want to prolong its lifetime as long as possible.

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    7 years ago
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    I suppose you're worried about the SSD maximum write warnings that a lot of websites seem to play up. I say, don't worry about it, SSD's are not as fragile as these sites make it sound. SSD's have a lot of spare sectors, and they don't write to the same physical sectors twice in a row thus prolonging their overall life. One calculation I've seen is that by the time you reach the end of the write cycles of all of the sectors in an SSD, you'll have had it for 300 years! By way of comparison, I've had my Corsair Force 3 SSD for a little under 1 year (348 days), it's a 240GB SSD, but so far it's already had 8.36TB of writes to it. What that means is that it's written to every sector on average of 36 times already since I got it. The designed-for write limit per sector is 3000, so it's only used up 1.2% of its maximum write cycles.

    So don't worry about writing to the SSD, it won't die that quickly.

  • 7 years ago

    Depends where the save folder is. Install the game on SSD and yes it will

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