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inappropriate content in death note?

Which episodes of death note have sexual content? I am on episode 26. No spoilers please. Someone said there is a scene where a girl is forced to strip? Which episode is that?? Is it too inappropriate for my ten year brother to watch this episode?

Also , can anyone tell me WITHOUT SPOILERS why the last episode is tv-MA if you can't without spoiling then don't say anything.

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    There really isn't any sexual content in Death Note, at least nothing really major. The episode where a woman is forced to strip is episode 35 - there's nothing sexual about it though; nothing is really shown.

    If you're concerned about your brother watching it, you may want to watch the episode before he does and decide for yourself what's appropriate and what's not.

    As for the last episode... can't really say anything without big spoilers, but the series is called "Death" Note for a reason.

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    Hello again Jevana. The mentioned scene in episode 35 isn't very sexual. She does strip but you don't see anything bad and she is given a blanket right away. Your ten-year old brother should be fine.

    The final episode of Death Note is extremely violent. Like, blood squirting out everywhere violent. There is no sexual content or nudity in it, just a whole lot of blood.

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    That's Episode 35 you're thinking of. A girl is forced to strip but nothing is really shown. After she strips, she is immediately given a blanket to cover up with.

    The last episode is TV-MA because it's pretty gory.

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    I don't recall any scenes where a girl is forced to strip. There's a scene where a girl is almost raped, but it's not graphic at all. She is saved. (I'm sorry, I'm trying not to spoil!)

    There wasn't anything in DN that I thought of as sexual. There's one or two jokes, but they'll go right over your brother's head.

    The last episode is MA because... Oh, I'll spoil it! Let's just say i's a little graphic.

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    That was a lie there is no sexual content and she was forced to strip but it is not graphic or inappropriate

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    They cover everything on her. The show is PG-13, they don't show anything. She does strip but is given a blanket to cover up.

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    Okay, towards the end a girl is told to, but it doesn't actually show anything. She's immediately given a blanket.

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    well i saw the anime some time ago, there wasen't a sexual part in the anime. also the last chapter has a lot of blood so thats why it is tv.MA

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