Could it be that some ancient tribes are descendants of extraterrestrials?

"In her book "The Legend of Starcrash", Dolores describes the account of a young woman who, in a past-life regression, saw a life as man named Tuin - a hunter living in a Cnadian-Alaskan area in an undetermined time period before the coming of the Eskimo. Tuin was a member of a tribe who thought they were the only people on Earth because they had never encounter another tribes throughout their existence. Tuin reports the story of the history of his people as told by the Shaman during long narratives around the campfire. They were descendants of the Old Ones who had travelled across the void of space and had crashed in the area many years ago.

Their history states that a group of 5 spaceships were travelling through our solar system thousands of years ago with the intention of colonizing other planets. One of these crafts malfunctioned, crashed on Earth and was unable to continue its journey. It was a multi-generational ship that had been travelling for many years, some of the occupants had never been outside the craft. At first they lived within the craft to escape the harsh rays of the sun, however, they soon discovered that even the low level radiation exposure was causing their children to be born either dead or deformed. Necessity and the desire for preservation of their race eventually lead them to interbreed with a group of aborigines who were also living in the valley.

The strange story of Tuin's people shows that some of the American Indian races can trace their origin to this group of mixed extraterrestrial and aborigine people. After conducting research on North American Indian legends for three years in an effort to find parallels with Tuin's story, Dolores discovered that almost EVERY TRIBE HAS A LEGEND of a "culture-bringer", with this mystical figure always coming from across the sea or from the sky."

Dolores Cannon is a “past life regression” therapist. All this information is obtained through the therapy work she has done with thousands of clients in more than thirty years of practice.

Almost all tribes from all around the world have legends of "flying chariots", "fire breathing dragons" (i.e. spaceships), gods with special powers and specail weapons, etc. So maybe there is some truth in these legends - and there really were extra-terrestrials at some point?

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    There are so many things that are not known about mankind's history, and may never be known. It sure would be nice to have a book of everything that tells us all for those who would like to really know. Maybe the answers can be found in the Akashic records if one has the time and effort and skill to learn how to read them. It is possible that we are all genetically engineered and that Jehovah was doing his own genetic experiments.

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    Hard to fathom that a culture that had the technology to travel through space would "forget" it just because it was forced to survive on planet Earth. Yes, they would go through some adjustment period, but the knowledge would not be discarded.

  • Could it be that people in other cultures actually had imaginations and could make stuff up just like people do today?

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    Sure it's possible.

    Got any evidence?

    (BTW, past life regression is not evidence - it's new-age-psychobabble ******** for the terminally gullible)

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  • NO.

    How incredibly stupid.

    Source(s): Ojibwe Not Asian, an israelite, or descended from aliens.
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