Need advice on using rental storage units.?

I am going to be listing my house for sale, and need to store stuff to help stage the house. I will primarily be storing books, a few pieces of furniture, clothing and holiday decorations. I live in a community in Western PA where houses sell pretty quickly, so I'm estimating that I would need to store stuff for about 6 months, from now into the summer.

The prices for rental units range from $55/mo to $125.

Is it necessary to pay extra for a heated unit, or a temperature controlled unit? Any tips for renting a storage rental unit? There are a half-dozen storage places within a few miles of us, and I'm trying to figure out which one would work the best.

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    Heated is not neccesary for the items you described. But, you should look at the units and make sure they're dry. Look and see if the walls have water damage, look at the ceilings, etc.

    The biggest advice I have is to consider whether or not it is really worth storing all those items. Make a list of everything you want to store. Now, be very honest and ruthless with yourself. Decide which things you absolutely, truly want to keep. Most people hold onto much more than they'll ever use again. I bet you won't read half the books or wear half the clothes you are storing again.

    Now, multiply the monthly rent times 6. This is the amount it will cost you to store your items.

    Ask yourself, "are the things I absolutely must keep worth XX amount of money?" If they aren't, you are better off getting rid of your stuff and rebuying what you absolutely need. Keep in mind you can also probably sell your furniture for something, also.

    It just usually doesn't make financial sense to store items.

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    You can choose climate control or not depending on the season you will be storing and how long you think you'll need it, and what you will be storing.

    If you are entering spring now, and live in a low humidity area, you could probably get away well with a non-climate controlled unit for several months unless you are storing your priceless violin collection. The stuff you mention should make it fine, but go to a box store and get decent boxes and packing materials, at least for the clothing and hanging stuff.

    You don't say what size those rental rates cover, but they sound pretty reasonable for a 5x10. A 10x20 would be about double that here, 120-ish for plain and 200-ish for climate controlled.

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    personally I'd rent a unit that's portable they go by many names "POD" is one name. You can pack and unpack without driving to the unit its placed outside your home, some places have "controlled" environments for them (and not a environmentally controlled is included in the price.

    For 6 months I'd strip down to bare essentials between move out and move in. The portable units are great because there is no rush to get it packed you can take even a month so you can pack things carefully and in such a way that what you will need is toward the front and areas have designated rooms.

    My friend used (2) for 1 move and compared to my move I'm getting one if there is a next time. You might be able to buy a cargo trailer even cheaper store it in controlled then sell after you move

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    Since you have many storage facilities around your current place of residency, it might be that you would want to check out several of them to compare the cost of renting a storage space and finding out which is more economical.

    You might ask of the storage operators the benefit of having heated units as oppose to non heated units and the benefits of having heat.

    In all instances you have to determine the benefit of storing your items vs selling them at a yard sale or donating them to a Goodwill type facility.

    I am a hoarder. There are times when I make a decision to just get rid of stuff. My criteria is normally when was the last time I wore or used this. If it has been more than 6 months, without additional questions it is deposited into a bag to go to a Goodwill type facility or give to friends, neighbors or other family members.

    Cardboard boxes should never be placed on a concrete floor, it might be to your advantage to protect your items from moth by using a good moth protection, normally found at your local hardware stores such as Lowes, Home Depot, Ace Hardware as well as Walmart. They are inexpensive

    I do save books, I am collector.

    I hope this has been of some benefit to you, good luck.

    "FIGHT ON"

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    Heating is not important. I like one where it is outside so I can drive right up to it. Get some wood pallets. Don't put boxes on the concrete floor. They will get damp and fall apart. I'd also put some mouse/rat bait out. They like to move into boxes with fabric and make a home.

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    The heated or climate controlled units are good for books,documents or any delicate items that are negatively affected by cold and damp weather.

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    first of all

    go for cheapest and see its good or bad

    I recommend you to live first

    and look forward what you need to do.

    it's your choice for choosing.

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