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Revenue Quebec AND/OR Canada Revenue Agency?

I will first provide some context to my situation. The last tax return I filed was back in 2010, so please bare with me. Right up until mid-September of 2010 I had lived in B.C., at which point I moved to Quebec. If I remember correctly, my 2010 return was unrelated to Revenue Quebec, correct? Anyways, moving on.

From what I have come to understand, in order to file for my 2013 and 2012 return I must first start with 2011. My question then is, since I did not become a resident of quebec until mid-September of 2011, does this mean I will not associate this tax return with Revenue Quebec? I did NOT work in quebec during this time period. I did, however, attend post secondary school part-time.

Further, since moving from B.C. to Quebec, I have no long been receiving the B.C. HST/GST tax credit (for obvious reasons). But since the cessation of this, I should be entitled to the Quebec Solidarity Tax Credit, correct? I mean, entitlement from the date I became a resident of Quebec, back in mid-September of 2011. I have not yet applied for this tax credit and it is now 2014. Does this mean, when I do actually apply, I will be reimbursed from the years preceding? Or have I missed out on my opportunity to collect on this credit?

Thank you in advance for any help you may provide. It is greatly appreciated. Taxes are stressful, hence my procrastination.

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    You don't have to file 2011 to be able to file 2012 or 2013.

    Your province of residence is based on where you lived on December 31 of the year.

    If you moved in 2010 you should have put your province of residence on that return as Quebec.

    For 2011 on, you are resident in Quebec and need to file a federal tax return with CRA and a provincial one with Revenue Quebec.

    If you moved in 2011, and it's a typo where you said you moved in 2010, then you were a BC resident for 2010 and a Quebec resident since.

    For any GSTC or Quebec credits you were entitled to, you'll get them when you file and your returns are assessed.

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