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Name 10 kids (Guidelines)?

What would you name 10 children using the guidelines below? Have Fun :)

#1 (Girl)

FN: Starts and ends with a vowel

MN: A unisex name

#2 (Girl)

FN: Choose from your eye colour:

Blue: Jemima, Daisy, Leila, Brittany

Brown: Holly, Kirra, Monique, Emily

Green: Emerald, Sara, Ashleigh, Nora

Other: June, Petra, Isabelle, Demi

MN: Your choice

#3 (boy)

FN: Starts with the letter A

MN: one syllable

#4 (Girl)

FN: A flower

MN: starts with the same letter as the first name

#5 (Boy)

FN: Choose from your favourite colour

Blue: Joshua, Oscar

Green: Isaac, Jaden

Orange: Beau, Landon

Purple: Harrison, Zachary

Red: Gary, Xavier

Yellow: Aiden, Alexander

Pink: Thomas, Rhys

Other: Paul, Simon

MN: must be five letters

#6 (Boy)

FN: Your all time favourite boys name.

MN: After your favourite celebrity (State which one)

#7 (Girl)

FN: A Japanese name

MN: Choose one: Lee, Elizabeth, Violet, Grace, Rose

#8 (Girl)

FN: Choose from the month you were born:

January: Jessica, Jasmine, Julia

February: Fiona, Fern, Faith

March: Marley, Molly, Morgan

April: Arianna, Audrey, Allyssa

May: Madeline, Melissa, Melanie

June: Jacinta, Jewel, Jade

July: Josy, Jude, Jamaya

August: Atlanta, Ainslee, Ashley

September: Susanne, Serena, Sadie

October: Olivia, Orlena, Opal

November: Natalie, Nada, Natasha

December: Drew, Dacia, Delilah

MN: Your Choice

#9 (Boy)

FN: A family name

MN: contains a double letter

#10: (Boy)

FN: A Hawaiin name

MN: Your guilty pleasure name

Enjoy :)



#1 Estelle Jordan (Stella)

#2 Monique Elizabeth

#3 Alexander Jett (Alec)

#4 Tulip Theodore

#5 Jaden Harry

#6 Landon Cooper *Bradely Cooper*

#7 Yuka Lee Rose

#8 Drew Camilla

#9 William Ollie (Will)

#10 Kalei Augustus

Thanks so far for all your answers :)

50 Answers

  • Cesca
    Lv 5
    6 years ago
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    1. Esme Rowen

    2. Leila Marie

    3. Atticus Jay

    4. Dahlia Darcey

    5. Beau Jaxon

    6. Camden Arthur (James Arthur)

    7. Kaede Grace

    8. Jade Emerson

    9. Samuel Rocco

    10. Koa Bronx

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    1. Aurora Sloane

    2. Leila Celeste

    3. Atticus Jack

    4. Jasmine June

    5. Harrison Wyatt

    6. Benjamin Orson (Welles)

    7. Akira Lee

    8. Jude Frances

    9. Theresa Rhiannon

    10. Kai Felix

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  • ?
    Lv 5
    6 years ago

    1. Anna Harper

    2. Holly Rosa

    3. Archer Jack

    4. Poppy Penelope

    5. Joshua Riley "Josh"

    6. Hugo John (John Green)

    7. Mei Elizabeth

    8. Josy Alice

    9. Patrick William

    10. Kailua Tobias

    Anna, Holly, Archer, Penny, Josh, Hugo, Mei, Josy, Patrick and Kai

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  • Sarah
    Lv 5
    6 years ago

    1. Elena Quinn

    2. Emily Mae

    3. Alaric Max (my 4yr old is Max)

    4. Daisy Demi

    5. Paul Damon

    6. Elijah Jensen (Jensen Ackles)

    7. Soo Grace

    8. Jessica Piper

    9. Michael William

    10. Keanu Klaus

    Source(s): I don't really have any guilty pleasure names. If I like a name I don't care what other people think.
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  • Sydney
    Lv 6
    6 years ago

    1. Elodie Aspen

    2. Leila Madeleine

    3. Alexander James

    4. Lilac Lynette

    5. Jaden Micah

    6. Nathaniel Vince (Vince Vaughn)

    7. Suki Violet

    8. Madeline Ivy

    9. Eric Finnley

    10. Maui Caspian

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    1. Elissa Harley

    2. Ashleigh Iris

    3. Alastair Paul

    4. Lily Luisa

    5. Zachary Louis

    6. Henry Peter (Andre)

    7. Akari Rose

    8. Jessica Talia

    9. Lawrence Aaron

    10. Kai Felix

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    1.India Alex

    2. Emily Olivia

    3. Adam Scott

    4. Daisy Dawn

    5. Thomas Harry

    6. Oliver Paul (Wesley)

    7. Emi Grace

    8. Jessica Rose

    9. Morgan William

    10. Konane Bruce


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  • Jay
    Lv 6
    6 years ago

    Angela Kelly

    Isabelle Rose

    Alexander Cole

    Lillian Lucinda

    Isaac Scott

    Nathaniel Thomas

    Tamiko Elizabeth

    Jessica Catherine

    William Matthew

    Kai Henry

    Angie, Izzy, Alex, Lily, Zack, Nate, Tammy, Jess, Will and Kai

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  • 6 years ago

    1. Ellie Rayden

    2. Kirra Angelique

    3. Armani Cye

    4. Lily Lourdes

    5. Jaden David

    6. Kingston Cena after John Cena the wrestler lol

    7. Ling Grace

    8. Ainslee Giana

    9. Martinez Ellis

    10. Kei Denver

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  • Liv
    Lv 6
    6 years ago

    1. Annie Taylor

    2. Isabelle Rae

    3. Adam Marc

    4. Daisy Delilah

    5. Aidan Henry

    6. James John (Johnny Depp)

    7. Kira Grace

    8. Marley Sarah-Kate

    9. Henry Caspar

    10. Kai Sebastian

    "Annie, Izzy, Adam, Daisy, Aidan, Jamie, Kira, Marley, Henry, and Kai"

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