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My parents are fighting! :(?

So my mom is going on a trip and my dad is getting very upset.. this didn't set him off though it was other stuff too. he keeps telling her that she isn't doing anything and that she's always with her friends and stuff. My mom keeps telling my dad that he doesn't do anything and they've been arguing for ever! like 1 year. Everytime i come from school, i always hear yelling my dog is petrified. I want to set them up for like a marriage counselling but i don't think they will listen... is there like a marriage counselling where I can send them an email using my email and talk to them or something? Or is there anyone i can email to help me and them? They always talk about splitting up in their arguments like "WELL YOU'RE MAKING ME NOT *$%$*8 HAPPY WHY THE ^&$#$ ARE WE STILL TOGETHER I WOULD BE HAPPIER IF WE WERENT TOGETHER" like aaah :'( Please help

sorry for the long question... :/

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    If you want to get involved then I would only do it with professional help.

    Tell your parents that YOU wish to speak to a family counselor or therapist to help you with all that's going on right now.

    Talk to that therapist about what the best course of action would be for you.

    That might include you getting involved directly, but it may not.

    Either way, it is best for you to find that help and support now and not wait until later.

    Maybe after setting you up with therapy they will begin to consider their own need for it as well.

    If not, maybe they will do so if you request one or the both of them to accompany you in joint sessions.

    Either way, you will be able to make a much more informed decision after talking to a professional about it.

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    It's very sweet of you to be willing to fix the situation for them. But I would recommend not getting involved.

    The best thing that you can do is, one day when they are calm, have them sit at a table and tell them about the stress that you are going through and how sad you are.

    Don't try to fix it for them, only they can do that. Don't take sides, don't get in between. It could backfire with some part of the anger being redirected to you.

    Be prepared for all outcomes.

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    Funny. According to you, they both accuse each other of not doing anything. Why don't they just not do anything together? You know - agree to do nothing.

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