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leabee asked in Politics & GovernmentMilitary · 7 years ago

Army/military - basic info on beretta 9 mm wound for fiction?

I'm writing a book featuring an Army veteran, and as I don't know anything about weaponry etc I am stuck on a point of realism that I need to verify. I am not looking for gory details or images, just basic info.

If someone were to shoot another person in the head with a beretta 9 mm from approx. 15 to 20 feet away, would the resulting wound be one of those little round holes like you see on tv, or would it take off someone's head, or something in between? I have no idea if a 9mm round is big or not, or if that distance would make a difference. I have to describe this event briefly, and don't want to say 'it was a clean through and through' if, in fact, it would have taken off half his face, or vice versa.

Can anyone help?


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    The 9mm projectile is .357" in diameter, so just a little bit bigger than a pencil eraser. It will make an entry wound roughly that diameter, but depending upon the projectile's shape (hollowpoint or ball), composition (lead or copper jacketed) and kinetic energy at impact, the exit wound will be golfball-sized, racquetball-sized, or it may not have the energy to break through the cranium twice if it "flowers" or breaks up on entry.

    Have your vet shoot a nice XTP (eXtreme Terminal Penetration) hollowpoint 9mm from 30-40 feet, and don't focus too much on the results. If you let the reader know that the vet reloads his own ammo, then his powder charge would be tailored to enter, but not exit his target's noggin. Better yet, there is a new round called the R.I.P. that's only available in 9mm currently. Look it up on Google.

    The 22LR is actually a better round, since it does not have the power to do more than enter and then bounce around inside the skull making scrambled brains, but that works best from a shorter distance, or through existing holes (ear, eyesocket, or nasal cavity) in the skull. It's more impressive and realistic to use just enough force to do the job effectively, rather than going all "Dirty Harry" on the bad guys and using a huge (and loud) cannon. That's been done to death (No pun intended).

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