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How long are you immune to norovirus after having it?

I had it back in October (not caused by food) and I'm so scared I could get it again soon. I know I could get it next fall I'm worried I could get it again this month or next month. My Dad is a nurse and he said I can't get it again for a while since I already had it this season. He also said that two other doctors said the same thing. Are they right? Is it even going around now? Should I just relax about it?

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    After infection, immunity to norovirus is usually incomplete and temporary, since the virus is always changing you could get it again within a few months because it will not be the exact same strain you had.

    you should just wash your hands more often since that is the best way to avoid all viruses and contagious illnesses. don't touch objects and then rub your eyes, or eat anything, or touch your nose without washing first

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