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Is there anything I can do to get a BF?

I've been single forever and I just realized now that I actually do want a BF. I have my eye on a couple people, one talks to me a lot but has a GF, and the other is single but he never really talked to me. Im gonna go for the single one, but what can I do in school for "hints"?

He caught me looking at him a couple times "embarrassing" and I've caught him starring at me a couple times too. Also, all my friends in that class say that every time I leave a room, all the guys stare at my butt, so the last time I went out I turned around and they were right. All the guys were starring cx, even those 2 guys.

Anyways, what can I do to get the single boys attention? We like never had a conversation before, and barely knows I exist.


I don't really wanna tell him how I feel right off the bat, but is there any hints I can give him?

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    Guys, especially teen age ones, but we adults too, do not get hints. They just seem to float over our heads.

    The more subtle they are, the less chance we will get them.

    For some boys, you need a hammer kind of hint.

    Sort of "Me Jane, You Tarzan, I want you", you needn't pound your chest, but it will get his attention.

    Okay, maybe not that blunt, lol

    But ask him, directly, "Do you like me?". "Do you want to hang out sometime".

    Sometimes you just have to shake a tree, for an apple to fall at your feet.

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  • 6 years ago

    You already have his attention, now let him know he has yours. Just go up and talk to him. Fid out what he loves to do in life, or find out about his family, or anything. And I don't think you want the attention of all the single boys. That can be hard to deal with. Just maybe a few. Talk to them all. Let them know that you would give them the time of day.

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  • 6 years ago

    If he's one of the guys who's looking at your butt, then you don't want him. But if you really want to talk to him, talk about a safe topic like homework.

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  • Hans
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    6 years ago

    Just tell him how you feel

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