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Yogurt treatment, and garlic treatment doesn't work for yeast infection. Anything else?

I've inserted yogurt vaginally for a week and before that, I've inserted uncut garlic cloves for 3 hours for 2 days. And...nothing changed. Is there anything I can try that would actually work. I've already been to the doctor and he said that I have a yeast infection so he gave me medication that just made it worse. Is tea tree oil a better treatment/cure?


I saw on many different medical sites that you can insert yogurt vaginally cuz it balances out the ph. I can't eat it because I can't tolerate lactose. Unless there is lactose-free yogurt out there. I've also been eating garlic and not only putting it up there. The medication made it worse since it removes the good and bad bacteria. And no tea tree oil????

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    Source(s): Treat Candida Succesfully
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    Uh no tea trea, that drys you out, that's for zits and bites.

    BUT sweety, omg eat the yogurt and you cook and eat the garlic... Why on earth or who on earth told you to insert this in you vagina.. That's probably why it got worse... Yogurt has probiotics, so when you EAT it it send good culture through your body and helps clear up the infection faster.. Garlic boost the immune system and acts as a quick detox.

    2 yogurts a day will help the infection go away

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