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I want to get rid of acne finally?

*If you can even just link a site that helped you that would be great*

I have problems spots on red in the picture. Nothing too big but you can for sure tell I have acne, because I always have at least a few splotches at a time, I wash my face every night with Avene face wash, I just started using clean and clear moisturizer. I shave with an electric razor and never use any shaving creams. I eat well and exercise but I can't get rid of it. (Face looks a bit fat, I'm not though in case that changes something)

It might not look to bad but the red circles are problems spots and yellow is where my skin is an odd red tone, not sure why.

I'm fully up for anything, if it takes a while but is a guarantee I will do 100%, I'm up for face masks, oils, change in diet, little things go a long way! Any tricks or ti[s or sites with everything are great!

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    Skip the face masks and toxic supplements and look towards nutrition first:

    Most skin conditions are caused by lack of vitamin A. Eat more orange vegetables and/or organic liver from grass-fed animals. (Local farm is highly recommended, as the crap in the store most likely comes from factory farms that introduce numerous toxins into the animals body) If you go the route of liver be sure to not eat too much, as it will quickly lead to vitamin A poisoning. I'd say set a limit of no more than 16 ounces in a week. Also, if you can handle chugging down what feels like a big glob of grease you can supplement with organic red palm oil - just one tablespoon gives you 80% RDA of vitamin A. It tastes kinda odd with a weird texture, but personally I've grown to somewhat enjoy the taste. Nutiva makes really good red palm oil if you can find it or order online. As a bonus it contains 25% RDA of vitamin E as well as a containing healthy raw fats - these two nutrients can help clear up skin problems as well.

    If a healthy dose of vitamin A doesn't solve it (Go for at least 100% RDA) I'd look into Zinc and magnesium - not only can they help, but they are critical for overall health and are minerals that you should never be deficient in. Zinc balances copper (Some people have excessive copper levels with little zinc; this can lead to mental insanity) and magnesium is a critical mineral that can mean the difference between life or death. Nutiva's hemp seed/hemp proteins are good sources of magnesium and zinc. (Iron too)

    If you still have problems from there, do some further research and determine what vitamins and minerals you may be deficient in and correct them. There's no skin condition that cannot be cured with nutrition. The same can said for almost any condition, honestly. Let food be your medicine!

    I've listed some sites below that may further help you improve your health:

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    While trying everything, I've had acne my whole life until I tried Glycolic Acid. Finally, the only thing that works for me. It exfoliates your skin deeply at night and it's important to moisturize in the morning. I recommend Reviva Labs, a brand. Diet makes a huge difference too, eliminate dairy (look up if you don't believe me). Also, I've found to be cheapest for supplements and ALI873 is one of those codes you can use at checkout to get $10 off. You're welcome.

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    My dad is in his 40s and has the exact same thing. It makes him upset really having to deal with it for like 30 years. He is going through a lot of stuff right now involving lazors etc. to get rid of it

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    I know proactive helped a lot of people, It didnt help me but thats a start. I am on my last month of prescription Accutane, I never had really bad acne, it would just never go away. Accutane has given me great results try er oout!

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