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my doctor doesn't care?

My doctor doesn't seem to care about the side effects of the meds. I can become obese & bald & all he'll do is shrug his shoulders & ask "R U Suiciidal? R U havung dark thoughts?" Cus it's all about the almighty 3 ugliest psych drugs a conservative doctor will care to try 1.Lithium 2.Depotake (valproic acid) 3.Seroquel all of which have major side effects and what they call the "bothersome" side effects like massive weight gain and hair loss! Amazing!! Although i have started to get bad headaches, i feel so weak & i have such a tension on my upper back & shoulders. I Still feel extremely anxious/panicky/paranoid & i often get intrusive ugly thoughts. I don't think he'll be changing the meds. I think he's done caring. Yes tried Lamictal apparently didn't work for me although there were 0 side effects. That sure encourages me! I just to want to tap my heels, pep up and go out there & live! Oh sure I do! I tried to suggest Topomax. Nope. No clinical studies. What the f**k do I do?

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    Research the *holistic* and *naturopathic* and *orthomolecular* approaches to treating your problems,

    and, read experiences of people who have tried them, about their results.

    Do a web search using the key words: < natural treatment [name of your diagnosis] >.

    Changing my lifestyle, and other natural health treatments, can *often* turn health problems around!

    Conventional medical people are trained in colleges that are effectively bribed to focus on the use of drugs & surgery . . . to make money for the 'health' industry . . . not to focus on the well-being of the patient. They take toxic people & fill them with more toxins, instead of showing them how to cleanse their systems & rebalance.

    It is not a coincidence that they assign conventional doctors so much work during their student days that --between work and school-- they can't begin to get enough sleep. That is a tactic often used in brainwashing. The students are so worn out that all they can do is memorize what is put before them, as they are past being able to reason or recognize things not making sense. They therefore accept things as fact which are not fact at all, because they're to worn out to notice.

    I do not trust an industry which claims to be health oriented . . .

    but at the same time purposely stresses their students out to the max during training.

    I used to . . . but learned the hard way to do that no more.

    "Depression—Help for Sufferers"

    - Depression—How Does It Feel?

    - Depression—How to Treat It

    - Help From ‘the God of Comfort’

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    Get real.

    I know it sounds vague, but this is it, you can choose YOU, or your PROBLEM.

    Anxiety/Paranoia/Panic-Attacks, are all 'scatter-reactions' to avoid having to deal with your real-problem.

    Do you know your real-problem?

    What is causing your fear?(because Anxiety is a fear of not-measuring-up, Paranoia is a fear of not being in-control of your mind, and Panic-Attacks are a fear of being overwhelmed).

    If you can figure that out, you can actually start taking control again, because you CAN control your fear, and anxiety, you just need to learn how to.

    Source(s): Learn to meditate, even if you stay on the meds, you need to gain control over your mind, and you CAN, this problem happened because you lack the skill to be fully aware, so learn it.
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