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Why can GOP Govs turn their busted states into economic successes, where Dem Govs do just the opposite?

With balance sheets going from red to black, with more employment, more businesses and lower taxes!! Walker/WI, Daniels/IN, Snyder/MI, Kasich/OH..... just for starters! And then we have...... CA, IL and NY - all economic disasters and losing population/businesses, big-time!

ALL THE LIB TALKING POINTS - Just a coincidence? "Slave" wages? Anti union? Residents in poverty? You pick!


@ THE NIGHT - CA is being "turned around?" Really? I am a native Ohioan. Outr state taxes are lower, industry coming in and Gov Kasich has turned our balance sheet (from a dem Gov), from Red to black! As did WI, IN and MI - well on its way!

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    Most Fiscally sound states:

    Alaska Republican 1

    South Dakota Republican 2

    North Dakota Republican 3

    Nebraska Republican 4

    Wyoming Republican 5

    Florida Republican 6

    Ohio Republican 7

    Tennessee Republican 8

    Montana Democcrat 9

    Alabama Republican 10

    Utah Republican 11

    Oklahoma Republican 12

    Idaho Republican 13

    Missouri Democrat 14

    Indiana Republican 15

    Nevada Republican 16

    Wisconsin Republican 17

    Iowa Republican 18

    Mississippi Republican 19

    Texas Republican 20

    South Carolina Republican 21

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    7 years ago

    didn't California gov. just turn around Arnold's mess?

    hey, who cares though right? let's just pretend and assume?

    Ohio: "Thirty-one thousand more Ohioans are unemployed today than they were this time last year. Ohio is 45th in the nation in job creation. Ohio’s unemployment rate has grown more than any other state over the past year."

    California was 15th in job creation by the way... which was higher than all the states you mention?

    EDIT: I give you the numbers man of job creation ranks... and a link to the budget, which was MUCH WORSE OFF THAN ANY STATE YOU MENTION?

    and you basically just tell me "it feels better to me"...

    yes... I know that you FEEL like you're well on your way because your guy is in office and when that happens you IGNORE all the facts and say "everything is amazing"...

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    In North Dakota they have their own bank and Alaska has their windfall taxes.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    WRONG! Arizona is failing miserably

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