Has any team who has been relegated from the premier league won the premier league?

I was just wondering because since only 5 teams have won the PL it seems impossible. Please answer!

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    Believe it or not football didn’t begin in England in 1992. There was a name change in 1992, nothing much else. Since the beginning of the Football League, winners who have been relegated some time after winning it include Preston North End, Everton, Sunderland, Sheffield Wednesday, AstonVilla, Sheffield United, Liverpool, Newcastle United, Manchester United, West Bromich Albion, Burnley, Huddersfield, Manchester City, Portsmouth, Wolverhampton Wanderers, Chelsea, Tottenham, Ipswich, Leeds, Derby, Nottingham Forest and Blackburn.

    In fact just about everybody who has ever won it has been relegated at some time or other after winning it. The only ones who haven’t are Arsenal I think as they were relegated before they won it.

    List of English football champions


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    Blackburn won the league in 1995

    In 2012 the were relegated

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    blackburn rovers

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