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Is it bad that I feel bad for this murder?

I watched the Craigslist Killer and I was crying a lot. Of course, we don't know what his motives were for killing all those women, we can just gather he was a bad person. Nevertheless, when I saw the part where he wrote Megan (his fiancee) on the wall of his jail cell, I don't know, I felt the pain of Megan...but I also feel bad for Phillip, like it wasn't him who did it was the devil speaking to him...I don't know, I know I shouldn't feel bad for a murderer, but I have a super soft heart, I feel bad for everything...when I was little I cried during HSM lol!

If you don't know the tragic story of the Craigslist Killer (movie based on the true story) just search it up, everything shows up...


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    Ok, you cry for this murderer, I'll cry for his victims.

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    I feel some amount of pity. It could be that some murderers were horribly abused when they were young, and have never lived decent lives. Or possibly they are just wired in their brains to commit very violent acts. To be a psychopath devoid of feelings of camaraderie for any other human beings would a very poor fate.

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    Then you are feeling something he could never feel, sympathy. The thing to remember is that despite whatever events turned him in to who he was, he had a choice. He didn't have to kill.

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    Pity is what you feel

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