Possible careers with my degree?

I'm just about done half a year of university and discovered a new interest. Next year will technically be my first full year. I'm currently in Environmental Science but was thinking of minoring in either Economics or Geography. Can someone tell me what possible careers I can get if I minor or double major in one of these, or if I don't minor at all? Also, what do you think of these classes for my degree? Are they all good to have? This semester I'm taking macroeconomics and calculus (well more than that but they're not relevant), and next year I want to take environmental science, chemistry, physics, microeconomics, stats, human geography, and physical geography. Thanks for any help!

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  • 6 years ago
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    I am a mechanical engineer now studying then I found more intrest in geo-technical its all about geography, you should know both Physic and Chemistry but Physic more continue Environment science and in basis of that do some DIPLOMA cource in geo- technical

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