What website builder should I use?

I'd like to make my company a new site. The current one does not meet my desired needs.

I've been surfing around a bit and they all seem to over embellish their capabilities as web builders.

For example I tried using Weebly, which is a great site mind you, but it lacks customization capabilities. Some sections of the site you just don't have access to therefore can't customize.

So I'd be looking for specific criteria for my web builder.

-fully customizable

-Quick and knowledgeable customer support

-Have a built-in cart and online purchase option

-Allow for the sale of pdf files with limited amount of downloads from the client

-Sends out bills via email to the customer once an item has been purchased and paid for

-Can be connected to paypal and visa, mastercard if needed

-Have built in business templates to choose from

-And most important of all be relatively easy to use without necessary knowledge of scripting languages.

I'd very much appreciate any suggestions as well as any example of sites using those builders would be perfect.


It is also vital that I can configure taxes for book products where only the federal tax would apply instead of the standard federal and provincial taxes.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago
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    You can do it with ultimatewb. It's fast, easy, and fully customizable - no coding experience necessary.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    I initially had my website on GoDaddy, but was not happy with them. I changed to http://www.handzon.com/ andHandzon ported all my contents from GoDaddy to their website builder, including my template. I have used Handzon solely for the past two years for my clients.

    It has a great shopping cart, and interfaces to PayPal. If you get a PayPal Pro account, Handzon interface to PayPal allows you to accept credit cards and/or PayPal payments.

    I'm not a programmer, so I don't use it, but I know that you can insert HTML and CSS code into the builder if you want to. Also, they will do customization for you. I had to have some customization done and their prices were reasonable and they gave them to me up front, and then they stuck with the price they quoted, which was important to my budget!

    I think it is very easy to use, but I really like their tutorial, http://www.handzontutorial.com/, it is very clear and gives good examples.

    I don't know about the taxes issue, but I do know that they have an affiliate in Vancouver, B.C. so that should help.

    They give you a 15 day free trial,

    Good luck,

    Mary Carmichael

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

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