What pants to wear at a teenage house party?

My best friend is throwing a party since her mom is out, and one of the guests happens to be my crush.

I was trying on different outfits and i wanted to know which leggings would look better on me :

1) jean leggings, makes my butt look so good

2)patterned leggings, it consists of navy blue, white and black swirls and stuff. It looks greater than it sounds tbh. My butt doesnt look that good, but you cant see my 'camel toe' (not really, but it looks great from the front, although my butt looks a tad flatter)

I still have options for my shirt, but i was thinking of a solid white crop top/shirt

Which one would look better??

A better booty, or just over all a cute outfit?

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  • 7 years ago
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    Since the top will be white, all over cute. Add the pattern for a fun look. Be eye catching to catch his eye :)

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